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One Two Three: Makeup Loves

  It's been a hot minute since I've done a One Two Three post, and seeing as makeup is something I do/wear almost everyday, I thought I'd share some of my favs! If I was making a complete list, there would be about 15 items in this post (hey, maybe that's a good idea...!), but for now I'll just share the few that have stood out to me of late.

1. Tea Tree Blemish Gel by The Body Shop, $9tea-tree-blemish-gel_l


This gel is amazing, and at $9 it's a must-buy. I know I sound like a magazine ad, but it's true. I have long been a fan of The Body Shop's wares (beyond even those addictive fruity lip balms everyone had in 2001) and this is one of those necessary items that I think would sell out ASAP if more people knew about it. It comes with a little applicator stick that distributes a dollop of gel onto any blemish and by the next day that sucker will be toned down significantly if not completely erased. I swear by this stuff. It runs out kind of quickly but, hey. It's worth it!

2. Chanel Loose Powder, $52



I accidentally began using this powder two years ago when I forgot my makeup bag at home before a flight and had to buy new makeup near my parents' house. Don't be discouraged by the price tag - this powder is amazing. I wear it over moisturizer for a natural (yet slightly more matte) look, or over CC cream for a completely finished face. The best part? Yes, it's $52 for one compact of powder - but it lasts me an entire year. An entire year! I swear! I use a kabuki brush and I don't even have a light-hand when I apply it, so they're really doing something right. This is a splurge that is worth the price tag and that will pay off in both quality AND quantity. For reference, I have pretty pale skin but because I am a little pink-toned and have some freckles I used the 030 Naturel color.

3. The Colossal Cat Eyes mascara by Maybelline, $7.77




Anyone who has visited my apartment, or known me for more than a week, or ever gotten ready for an event with me, knows I am obsessed with mascara. I have a decent amount of lashes but they're a little short for my liking and I feel like volumizing never hurts. My typical makeup routine -- which I have down to about 15 minutes, in case anyone is wondering what with all of these products -- involves at least two mascaras layered for different purposes. I am constantly searching for that elusive "perfect formula" and lately what I've realized is that the cheaper brands work just as well as the expensive ones, especially when you're mixing and matching like I do. Cat Eyes by Maybelline has the curved brush that I love, as well as a great formula that doesn't flake into your eye, and while I still use another mascara for length, it adds that desired swoopy cat-eye look on your outer lashes. I am a big, big fan of Maybelline's products and they've won me over again with this one!

||  Have you tried any of these before? Will you try them now? What are your makeup must-haves? Let me know in the comments! I love reading about new brands and products. ||

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