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One Two Three: Things for Spring

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As much as I love the cold weather we've been having lately, I realized looking through my Pinterest timeline today that there are certain things I love about Springtime in San Francisco.

1. Sunglasses - I love me some tortoiseshell glasses. I also love old timey gigantic black sunglasses a la Audrey Hepburn. Either way, springtime is an excuse to bust out a new pair of shades and feel a little bit more glam while running your errands at Walgreens.

2. Linen scarves - I love knitting, lord knows, but sometimes it's nice to wear something flowy and gauzy and with a teeny tiny knit that you could never handknit in a million years if you tried. I especially love the color of this Moorea Seale beaut.

3. Birkenstocks - These babies are making a comeback and I fully expect to purchase a pair before June. I love the crisp white color of this pair but wonder if it would get dirty too easily? A nice suede tan or peach would be a great alternative!


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