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I tried to think of a more exciting name for this post, I really did you guys -- alliteration! rhyming! more than one word! -- but it just wasn't flowing tonight. So, here we are. "Weaving." I have found my newest crafty obsession! Are you all shocked? Surprised? Awed? No? Alright, well then. Let me just register your boredom for a second... ok. Done! Yes, I have found another craft in which to immerse myself: weaving.

This isn't your grandma's loom, y'all. Although the basic technique may be the same, this current weaving movement is rife with texture, color, mixing metals and fabrics and found objects, and dowel rods. Lots and lots of dowel rods (so that you can hang them on the wall!)

I was first inspired by these fantastic instagram shots, and have since purchased this loom from Amazon for my own experimentation. It gets here on Friday! I have aims of designing and selling my own wall hangings on Etsy, but I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. We'll see.

Until then, here are some of my favorite weavings from which I'm pulling inspiration these days...

yellowweavingnavyweaving goldenweaving pinkweaving coralweaving

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|| Would you ever put one of these beauts on your wall? Which one is your favorite? Have any color requests for when I start my own weavings? ||

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