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5 lessons I've learned from "Veronica Mars"

vmHey y'all, it's that time again! You know how I sometimes contribute articles to Levo League? Welp, I've done it again. And this time, it's about one of my all-time favorite show: Veronica Mars. VM is a show I picked up during college, in its second season. I was disappointed when it was canceled after its third season, but I understood why the ratings didn't necessarily induce the producers to keep it around. I think in that era of television they were all getting a little cancel-trigger-happy - if a show didn't have "enough" viewers within the first three episodes, it gets the ax!

Now, I think television has drastically changed - in both format and content. Studios are realizing views online account for a large percentage of their audience, and that "binge watching" on Netflix and Hulu shouldn't be ignored. I think if Veronica Mars were on today, it would have a much bigger audience, and a much longer run - but, c'est la vie! Things happen.

Luckily, thanks to Kickstarter, we have a movie to celebrate these characters and this universe. And, that movie opens tomorrow! Lucky for me, because I shelled out $50 to support the Kickstarter campaign to get the movie funded, I got to buy tickets to an advanced screening (to which my law school friend Leslie is accompanying me) tonight. And we. can't. wait.

So, here's a little something from me to you about VM, whether you've never seen it (in which case, you should, and I can lend you the DVDs), you love it, or you didn't care for it that much. But I honestly can't see why that would be the case...

You know what they say - Veronica Mars, she's a marshamallow.

(Also, here's another article I just found that talks about the show's influence.)


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