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Wearables: Chambray on Grey on Grey

Have you all been flipping your minds over this amazing weather? I have, and it is probably most shocking to yours truly, if anyone. I was (am?) the girl (woman?) who loves luxurious scarves, steaming mugs of hot coffee, and fuzzy blankets on my lap while it rains outside. And yet, for the past week, I haven't been able to get my mind off of the thwack of flip flops, the smell of sunscreen, the rattle of frozen cubes in a glass of fresh iced tea. It's summer time, and I'm here for all of it! To that end, my wardrobe has also started the transition from Winter to Spring. I still wear black, boots, and sweaters, but I'm mixing in some pops of color, some flats, and some shorts and skirts. So, you know - basically wearing everything I own in some form or another! Look forward to future posts about all of that...

DSC_3545 DSC_3567 DSC_3577 DSC_3585 DSC_3589

One of my favorite ways to mix up an outfit is to combine dressier pieces with casual ones. I tried that here (not sure how well it worked, but sometimes you have to flop a bit before you find the right mix), with these suede Zara sneakers and my trusty MZ Wallace bag, mixed with a relaxed chambray top and jersey knit Gap skirt. It's not just about combining different price points but also mixing up fabrics and styles. I added the neon necklace at the end to really signify that I was going for kind of a whacky combination here - what says whacky better than a neon plastic beaded necklace with faux diamond accents? Nothing, that's what.


____________________ chambray shirt | Madewell (similar) skirt | Gap (similar here and here) sneakers | Zara (and similar) bag | MZ Wallace (black unavailable, grey here) necklace | Bauble Bar (here and here) nailpolish | Chanel (similar)

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