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I'm loving: bkr water bottle

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I first clapped eyes on a bkr water bottle during a standard blog reading session. I have a blog roll of about 200 blogs on my RSS feed, and I don't necessarily keep up with them everyday, but I still love reading the stories of others' lives and seeing what inspiration I can glean from their experiences. And, their photos - my favorite blogs all are beautiful photographers and I just love looking at their pages!

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In my mind, a good product solves a problem. A great product does this while also conveying a message about your personal style, your beliefs, your aesthetic, your vision for your life. A basic corkscrew can do this just as easily as a $200 wine opener: both say something about the owner while solving the same "give me a glass of wine, stat" problem. I don't think it's outlandish to say that in today's society, people choose products less for their functionality and more for their style, and bkr has hit the jackpot.

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So, back to the original story - I first saw a bkr water bottle while perusing one of my favorite blogs. The post was about a class for teaching bloggers how to better use Photoshop, however, it seems to me one of the best benefits of taking this particular class would be the connections with other local bloggers and graphic artists (they have classes all around the country!) Another benefit? The adorable goodie bags which I heartily coveted when I first read about the course. I realize people are shelling out hundreds of dollars for the class, so they deserve a little something in return. But I saw that water bottle, in all it's clear glass and Easter egg colored glory, and I knew it would be mine someday.

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Yes, folks, this post is an ode to a water bottle. A very particular water bottle. I think product beauty has just as much to do with the success of an item as product function, and this company has nailed it.

I had talked myself out of wanting one, however, since I knew I had several Camelbak water bottles at home, and I was trying to save money, and hey, water isn't supposed to be trendy any way! But this all changed when my mother (the queen of sending me articles to read) informed me that BPA free was now considered worse than BPA because of the other chemicals they used to make hard plastics without BPA (The moral of the story is apparently plastic is the devil, the end.)

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Even after that, I put off buying one for as long as I could... but when I saw the exact color I wanted hanging on the wall of an exercise clothes store last weekend (saw it through their main window! I wasn't even in the store!) I knew I had to get it.

Having only spent a mere three days using this beaut, I have to tell you, I will never drink water out of a plastic bottle again. While the glass construction  makes the bottle a little heavier than normal, even when empty, I swear water tastes more crisp and cool coming from the mouth of this little pip. The silicone sleeve makes it easy to hold onto, and also adds a little protection should you ever drop yours (the horror), and also is just plain adorable. I got the mint green color (aptly named Chip) but I'm already lusting a peach beauty called "Gloss" as well. The cap screws on tightly enough to avoid spilling in your bag but isn't difficult to open again, and is topped off by a sturdy plastic loop for you to hold onto or even attach to a backpack if you wanted. The bottle comes in two sizes but the smaller size (500mL) is more than enough for everyday use and supposedly fits into most standard cup holders - all I know is it fits in my bag and isn't a pain to carry around! And looks friggin adorable sitting on my desk all day at work. Yeah, that counts too.

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I'm not kidding, it really was the best $33 (including tax) I've spent recently. Don't tell them, but I'm considering sending some to my family. Think my brother would want a black one with a giant white heart? I think so too. This may be more than I "should" spend on a water container, but realistically, it's gotten me to drink more water in the past 3 days than I have any other day of the past few months. So I think that's worth it.

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(Note: bkr did not ask me to write nor compensate me for writing this post, I sincerely love the product and think its a great purchase.)

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