Maddy Douglass

Knitter, lawyer, and safer beauty advocate in San Francisco. 

Loves coffee, crafting, and cheese plates.  


Ready for another Friday link up?

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This week I...

1. Picnicked in the park for my roommates birthdays! It was a week of celebrations that ended with lots of sunshine and cake. And cupcakes. Yum!

2. Got my teeth cleaned! Hey, it has to happen sometime, right? I celebrated with some Philz coffee in my "hometown" on the Peninsula.

3. Lunched with  my parents at Pacific Catch in Corte Madera. You're welcome, mom, for not posting pics of you instead! Those pictures were really cute though.

4. Purchased my (first?) bkr water bottle and instantly became obsessed.

5. Dined on pizza at Little Star for this month's book club meeting! We read Jeeves and the Wedding Bells by Sebastian Faulk, and I loved it.

(How was your week?)


Wearables: Sunday morning swap meet

I'm loving: bkr water bottle