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High Five for Friday | 04/11

This week has been nuts. With being gone last weekend, and then coming back and trying to settle in to a normal routine again, surprisingly a fair amount has happened! I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth to tell you all about it... Untitled


1. Had a great dinner with a sorority sister who lives in SF (who I still don't see often enough!) last Friday night. It was the perfect cap to the week, with just enough lively conversation (and amazing food at Zuni Cafe) to celebrate the end of the week without tuckering us out too much. We both discovered our homebody tendencies - wine and cheese night, anyone?

2. Came home on Friday to a shipment of this gorgeous black-and-white yarn from Camellia Fiber Company! I've loved following Rebekka Seale's blog when she was focusing on illustration, and now that she's trying her hand at dyeing and spinning natural yarns, I'm even more excited to support her. Can't wait to make something fun for myself with this little bundle.

3. And then... I went camping. For one night! One night full of smores and wine and a new blanket from the Big Basin gift shop because it was so cold out even in sunlight. No, I'm not kidding - somehow the tree coverage made it 50 degrees in sunlight at our campsite. Oof. We left pretty early the next day but it was still a nice little getaway!

4. I even came home on Sunday early enough to take some new outfit photos! I'm trying to be more diligent about taking photos when I can, since I only post one outfit a week. It's not the main focus of my blog but I love fashion and I love friends so what better combination than sharing my style ideas with y'all?

5. Also, I'm trying this new cleansing oil, and after one use I already love it. Let's hope that attitude keeps up, since I've heard this little bottle goes a long way!


What was your favorite part of last week? 

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