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Wearables | Easter egg Sunday

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Could you ever have guessed I'd wear this much color in one post? I like to keep you guys guessing, that's for sure. I have stuck to a uniform of black sweater, denim, boots for the majority of the fall and winter, but now that Spring is upon us, I am feeling my colorful side come out. I am anticipating a new uniform of brightly colored sweaters, denim, and boots! I kid, I kid. Kind of - depends on how nice the weather gets!

I put together this outfit as something fun to wear to an Easter brunch with family - it's a little more dressed up than I would get for everyday outings, but with pops of color to keep the overall look relatively young and vibrant. At least, this is how I'm describing it myself - you can always disagree with me!

Sidenote: do you remember these small purses with the reinforced edges? They were all the rage for a while, akin to those North Face jackets and Rainbow flipflops. I got mine in middle school and it has still held up all these years later, waiting for a time when I'd need a fuschia pink purse. Way to go, Coach!

Sidenote two: Yes, I am purposefully trying to bring back the sixth grade double-pony hairstyle. Watch me make this work, people! I can do it! 


__________ sweater | Uniqlo skirt | Banana Republic, old (similar, similar) shoes | Target, old (similar) bag | Coach, old (similar, similar) watch | Cartier, gift (similar) necklace | Maripat Designs, gift (similar)

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