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Hot Spot | Toast Café, Mill Valley

Toast! Yum! I love toast. The food item and the resto. My parents introduced me to Toast in Mill Valley a few weeks ago and I'm sorry that I'm just getting around to posting these pictures now - but in many ways, maybe it's a good thing, because looking at this breakfast burrito just makes me want to hop in the (metaphorical because I don't really have one) car and scoot over to Mill Valley for brunch. Like, everyday.

IMG_4414 DSC_3350 DSC_3335 DSC_3356

There was a Toast Café in Los Angeles that I never visited when I was there but I always read about it as one of those trendy celebrity favorite spots and was sorry I never went. That said, I think Toast Mill Valley could give LA Toast a run for its money!

This is the kind of place that you envision growing up with, close enough to walk to on a summer Saturday morning, bringing a paper or a magazine or the newest Babysitter's Club Book (I said "growing up," alright?), waiting in line with your family for a comfy booth near the front window, and taking your sweet time with those coffee refills once a table finally freed up. Didn't you all have one of those places?

Well, I know Big T is partial to Fred's in Sausalito, but I may have to make a request to go back to Toast sometime. Soon!

(Click through for more tantalizing food pics...)


Oh hey guys! Let's get some beignets!

IMG_4421 DSC_3337

Yuu-um. These were good, considering New Orleans was a smidge too far to travel to for authentic beignets. They weren't knock-your-socks-off status but I'm glad we tried them! It was a splurge kind of day and we went all out for breakfast.

I ended up ordering, you guessed it, the breakfast burrito. I never, ever, EVER like breakfast burritos that are reminiscent of actual burritos - I like them with eggs, potatoes, cheese, veggies, etc. No salsa, no sour cream, no beans if I can help it. I am a difficult breakfast burrito customer, and this place proved me wrong. I am converted! Hallelujah!

So, yeah. It was good.


(My parents got an omelette and a bacon-and-eggs style breakfast with pancakes. Their dishes were pretty good too!)

DSC_3342 DSC_3344 DSC_3345 DSC_3346 DSC_3348 DSC_3349 DSC_3351DSC_3357

The walls were decorated with old flipflops and menu art, typical diner fare that lent a little local color (pun intended! Because they're colorful!) to the decor.

DSC_3353 DSC_3354

It was homey, roomey, and had the kind of wait that wasn't obnoxious but let you know it was a place worth visiting. So, we're going back, right guys?



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