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Wearables | NYC neutrals

When I was in New York last week, I couldn't resist asking my friend to snap a few shots of me in front of some authentic West Village scenery. I just love the mix of the rustic brick tones and the wrought iron fixtures - the West Village is one of the most beautiful parts of New York, in my humble opinion! Fingers crossed I get to live there someday. Well, fingers, and checking account, crossed! That's a bit of a consideration in these matters. Or, so I've heard. You heard it here first folks: Maddy, West Village. Coming to a blog near you! Maybe in 2015? I have to keep plotting this partnership...

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The bag was a beautiful birthday gift from a special somebody. He noticed I tend to lug around huge bags with a few (fifteen) unnecessary items in them, which is fine for everyday life when you're planning for the worst, but is a little cumbersome when you're traveling a new city and hopping on/off trains, walking in crowds, etc.

I have to say, even since I've gotten back, I've found myself using it as my regular purse and loving how light it is while still fitting the essentials. Two thumbs up (and a high five, and a trumpet call, and on and on...) for this bag! Thank you, you!

Also, I love the faux-leather shoulder accents on this sweater jacket. H&M is just killing it these days. That's all.



sweater jacket | H&M, unavailable online (similar here, here) shirt | H&M, unavailable online (similar here, here) jeans | Gap denim boots | Steve Madden Intyce Boot bag | Kate Spade Highliner Bag (similar)

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