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Hot Spot | Picco - Larkspur, CA

Continuing this roll of current events, I'd love to introduce you all to Picco! This restaurant/bar/pizza place (yes, you read that correctly) in Marin County has it all - the restaurant serves everything tapas style with small plates, so you can try a few different dishes; the bar has fantastic cocktails and an extensive wine list; and, the attached To Go restaurant next door serves up hot and crispy pizzas for a more casual dinner. It was the perfect place for a birthday dinner with my family!

IMG_6266 IMG_6258 IMG_6259 IMG_6249

Want to see what we ordered? Come on in.

First, we opened presents. And by "we" I mean me, and by "presents" I mean a gigantic Zappo's box full of shoes. Thanks family! It was really only two pairs but they were the exact two pairs I'd wanted. Yes, I'm still receiving presents from my parents - let's just pretend that continues forever!


I have worn these Birks everywhere since getting them... don't tell my mom, but I want another pair in tan or black too. They're amazing! So comfortable, and perfect to slip on with a casual dress and cardigan. It's a little hippie dippy of me, but I don't care. I'm making it work!

I did not, however, wear them to dinner. Don't worry.


The waitress suggested a Dark & Stormy, which is fast becoming one of my favorite drinks...


We noshed on avocado bruschetta (topped with a balsamic glaze - it was amazing. I must try this recipe at home.), a creamed spinach appetizer that was one thousand times tastier than it looks, and truly divine (yes, I'm rolling my eyes at myself even as I type that word) ricotta stuffed ravioli with artichoke hearts.

IMG_6250 IMG_6253 IMG_6255

Then, we moved on to a few heavier dishes... please keep in mind, the angle of the camera (iPhone) makes these plates look much larger than they really were, and my brother is 6'3". Just saying...

We selected the scallops, meatballs, and fries with mini cheeseburger sliders. I don't know which I preferred but I would eat any of them again in a heartbeat. Hopefully they won't STOP my heartbeat, but splurging once in a while is fine!

IMG_6257 IMG_6260 IMG_6262 IMG_6263

Mom sneakily told them it was my birthday when she made the reservation, so dessert came with a candle in it (see photo above!) but this is a classy establishment so they didn't sing THANK GOD. I hate the birthday singing! I like attention but that part makes me so nervous! Ack! But I do love birthday desserts...

Brownie with pistachio ice cream:

IMG_6269 IMG_6270

Beignets with some kind of rum-infused mini-milkshakes:


We finally rolled home (sorry for the visual) and I took off the birthday shoes I DID end up wearing...


Et voila! Not a bad celebration, right?

It's a little bit of a trek from the city, but it's worth every second of travel! Try Picco! And then tell me what your favorite dish was.

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