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Shoes I Want But Can't Have

chunky wedges

Bernadino Wedges, $129.95 (on sale from $189)


Dumerili Wedges, $199.95 (on sale from $345)


Surface Figure Heels, $149.95 (on sale from $248)


Brio Mary-Janes, $179.95 (on sale from $298)


Jada Heels, $249.95 (on sale from $355)

Sometimes, you just can't afford to do any more shopping. For me, it's a combination of several weddings, a vacation, and birthday celebrations that have emptied my bank account - not to mention the usual barrage of bills bills bills.

Luckily, I know my limits. If I see a gorgeous pair of $250 pumps, I can swoon over them all I want, but I know I shouldn't be buying them. That doesn't mean I can't look!

Anthropologie sent me an email this week advertising their newest "markdowns" (because, really, they're still all over $125) and I picked out a few of my favs, the shoes I'd splurge on if I had the means to do so! I think my first selection would be the Jada Heels, then the Bernadino Wedges. What would you pick?

If you see me wearing any of these in an upcoming outfit post, yell at me. Or just, congratulate me on an awesome piece? I'm trying my best to hold out, but they're so pretty...

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