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High Five for Friday: 06/06

Untitled Untitled UntitledUntitledUntitled Good afternoon, folks! I figured it's never bad to cap off the week with a HFFF post, so here we are, discussing the fascinating week in the life of Maddy... and linking up with Lauren Elizabeth, as usual!


1. At the last minute I joined my friends Lily and Rachel at Namu Gaji, an amazing Korean-American resto in the city, and Rachel took this cute snap of me (while I was making her take pics for the blog.) The food was fab and so was the company!

2. Saturday morning I got breakfast at one of my favorite brunch spots, Ironside. They have a breakfast buffet, but this isn't your typical Vegas buffet - they have salad, grits, pancakes, fried plantains, and a bread pudding to die for along with the usual scrambled eggs and bacon fare.

3. I got this necklace in the mail from Bauble Bar and I could. not. be. more excited. Look for it in an upcoming outfit post soon.

4. We moved desks at work this week and one of my new area-mates gave me this mason jar with fragrant mint. Such a fun desk-welcoming!

5. I made tacos last night! Sort of. It's in a bowl, with no tortilla, and I forgot to add the avocado. But it was delicious and healthy and I snapped a bunch of pics for a future Fork it Over post.


This weekend I'm looking forward to sunshine and sleep! Do you have any exciting plans?

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