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One Two Three | Travel Necessities

Y'all, I've been bit. Bit hard. Bit right on the...arm. By what?

The Travel Bug.

It started out innocently enough - a trip to New York City here, an errant blog post about Cambodia there. Then, I was clicking through friends' honeymoon pictures and starting to wonder how much it would cost to go to the same place. Searching pictures of Santorini on Pinterest to use as my phone background. Googling Lonely Planet articles about Reykjavík.

And now, here we are. I've spent the entire week mentally mainlining archival posts of my favorite travel blogger (who has been to about a billion countries by the way, also known as 23 countries, and who works as a freelancer to subsidize her traveling. So cool!) and figuring out how much a plane ticket to Puerto Rico costs during Hurricane Season (but the safe part of Hurricane season, Mom! Don't worry!)

This is a problem, you guys. I have a job! I have law school debt! I have a shopping addiction leaving me with cute dresses and cheap sunglasses up the whazoo! I can't get hooked on something as addictive as TRAVEL too...

What am I gonna do? Halp. Halp meeeeee.

Alright, whining over. I'm ready to travel, you guys! And I've concocted a short list of the things I "need" to bring with me on my Someday World Tour.

quityourjobwomens Screen shot 2014-06-11 at 7.55.56 AM travelguides

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1. Quit Your Job Tee by Island Company

Who doesn't need a little extra inspiration to follow the dream? I like this white long sleeve tee, along with this men's tank top (I love how slouchy men's tank tops are!) and can't wait to pack one in my suitcase on my way somewhere new and exotic.

2. The Travelsafe by Pacsafe

I already have most of the valuable necessities for a traveler - nice camera, phone, suitcase-turned-backpack, etc. What don't I have? Something to protect those electronic items! This is great because it can be locked with a key lock or combination lock, is waterproof, and can be attached to something in any room/hotel/hostel for extra security.

3. Guidebooks... for a location!

Right now, my mind is in a tizzy thinking up the possibilities, the "somedays," the "maybe when"s! I don't have an actual trip planned, or a schedule, or even a continent in particular. I need to pick a fixed point to begin my world education, and it wouldn't hurt to have a little background on that place via the esteemed Lonely Planet guidebooks.



4. Well, let's be honest, it wouldn't hurt to have a pile of money for all of these travels.

Where do you think I should go? So far I'm thinking of Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Iceland, or Greece... go big or go home, right? 

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