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Wearables | Loving the Lime-light

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Let's be honest here - I wouldn't have a blog, and I wouldn't be taking outfit photos, if I didn't love some modicum of attention now and again. As the title of this post suggests, sometimes you just want to turn a few heads while sporting your new nails, or new heels, or new floral print sequined bomber jacket (where can I get one of those, by the way?)

My day to day wardrobe, however, is unlike what you usually see here in these Wearables posts. Instead of heels, you get loafers. Instead of skirts and dresses, you get the same denim pants...and sometimes a denim shirt. Or a sweater. Or a sweatshirt. In fact, my work uniform is pretty standard and somewhat resembles that of my law school uniform - except I used to do my hair and makeup more often in law school.

But, I love me some wild fashion! Even if I can't rock a minidress or a full-lid cat eye to work, I've decided that I need to dress it up a little more on the daily - and I think this necklace is what's going to help me do that. I would wear this puppy with a mumu and slippers if I thought I could get away with it, but alas, that might be too SF even for San Francisco. So, I'll bring the rest of my wardrobe "up" to meet this fab bauble.


So, help me out here - what else can I wear with this golden goose of an accessory?


sweater | H&M, old (similar) skirt | Uniqlo loafers | Sperry Top Sider Audrey necklace | The Courtney Bib by Bauble Bar (also in silver) sunnies | ASOS lipstick | NARS in Niagara

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