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Wearables | Black and White and Red All Over

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Normally, I hate matching. Like, I really hate matching. I will purposefully buy things that are the opposite color just to ensure maximum clash. I'm still iffy on the currently trendy monochrome movement, and even wearing different tones of the same color is sometimes too much for me. I remember when I had those ever-popular (scoff) matching cardigan and tank top sets in middle school, and I still have polyester PTSD.

Then the 90s made a comeback, and everywhere I turned, I saw matching tops and skirts. You know, like the ones Cher and Dionne sported in that seminal teenage film "Clueless"? (Alright, maybe a little more current than that - the midi skirt & crop top combos from ASOS are really catching my eye!) I knew I needed to have one, I knew I would try this trend, and I even suspected I'd be able to pull it off - but what should I get? Plain textured fabrics? Bold fruit prints?

Obviously, I settled on stripes. I thought this was the perfect blend of my years-long sweater obsession and my determination to try new fashion things. While the loose top may not be the most flattering shape on me, I feel comfortable in it, and isn't that the most important thing?

(I feel a bit more 80s than 90s, and I really love that part.  How often do you think I could wear this without it becoming strange?)

Last but not least, I know what you're thinking... "Maddy, how did you learn that stunning modelesque strut?" All I can say is it's a natural gift. About as "natural" as my purple nail color? Maybe so.



skirt and sweater | ASOS (similar) pumps | Nine West, old (similar here and here) skull clutch | Urban Outfitters, old (similar) sunglasses | ASOS bangles | Old Navy, unavailable online (similar) watch | Cartier, gift (similar)

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