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High Five for Friday: 06/27

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled I think most of my snapshots throughout the week end up on Instagram at one point or another, but I'm making a concerted effort to save some moments just for this weekly roundup. So, here are a few things that you may or may not already know that happened to me this week!


1. Outtake from a photoshoot with Dhruvi on Saturday at the Band Shell in Golden Gate Park. What a beautiful place to shoot with the Parisian-style benches and tree canopy!

2. Stomach-stuffingly delicious dim sum lunch in the Outer Richmond. You're going to go into dumpling overload after seeing that post.

3. Lovely dinner party and catch up session at Jess's house. These girls (women) are all so accomplished and friendly and funny and nice!

4. Sharing snacks with friends at the Giants game against the San Diego Padres. We may have lost but I bought myself a Posey a jersey so I'll be back for more games this summer. Oh I'll be back! And the nachos will probably make a repeat appearance too.

5. Got this guidebook in the mail for an upcoming trip with the fam and can't wait to start flipping through it! Have you been to Montréal or Quebec City? Any suggestions?


This week feels like it has been so long, so I'm really looking forward to a break - punctuated with some flurries of activity, of course! Wouldn't be a normal weekend if I didn't overbook myself.  This Saturday I'm moving furniture with Leslie for our future living room and going to a Robyn concert with friends, but hopefully Sunday will be more relaxed.


Have any fun plans of your own? How about some non-plans?

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