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Wearables | A review of the Shop It To Me app

See this bag, you guys? This one right here? DSC_5863 DSC_5834 DSC_5858 DSC_5789 DSC_5864 DSC_5869

This bag is called the Basilisk Bag from Free People. You know why I love it?


Alright, nerded out there for a second. But for anyone who isn't yet aware, my love for all things HP runs deep. It started somewhere around age eleven when the first book was published, and ended... well, it clearly hasn't yet ended, seeing as I routinely reread the books whenever I feel like I need some literary comfort and rewatch all eight of the movies every holiday season. There's a Christmas scene in every one - that makes it ok!

In case you aren't as obsessed as I am, you should know a basilisk plays a major role in the books - so when I saw the title of this already-cute bag, I knew it was fashion fate. I just got this bag on Friday, and have been using it nonstop since then, with no plans to give it a rest anytime soon. I love the mustard yellow pattern combined with the natural straw color, and the texture makes it perfect for summer without looking like a total beach bag.

And, the tassel. Who doesn't love a good tassel? NO ONE, that's the answer. Tassels for all.

I wouldn't have found this pretty lady, however, without Shop It To Me.


(images via Shop It To Me

Shop It To Me is a shopping app (currently optimized for iPhone) that not only lets you browse items and find great sales each day, but will actually update you on those sales and let you know if the price of an item you've favorited has dropped even lower - you don't have to keep checking back on each site to make sure you're getting the best deal! Perfect for someone like me who tries not to get sucked into the web of internet deal sites, but still likes to shop around now and then...or all the time.

I had actually been trying to implement a spending freeze (ha) when Shop It To Me reached out about trying this app, so I never would have found this bag without them. Signing up in-app was a cinch, and the app itself is beautiful to look at. The graphics, text, and functions are all seamless and understated - it's like the Pinterest of shopping apps.

My favorite part, however, is that you can sort by clothing or accessory type and then by brand and SITM will show you all instances of that brand across major stores and websites. I searched for Foley + Corinna under handbags and was shown all available F + C bags on sale at all of the major stores I would normally check. And the best part? They show you duplicates! I can see the same bag at Nordstrom, Macy's, and Nieman Marcus Last Call - which means I can truly find the best price before buying.

The only limitation I saw was that the app takes you to an external site to buy the product, and I usually hate being taken to external sites - but this means SITM doesn't have to handle the money or product delivery at all, which means more time to focus on search algorithms for products! It's a worthwhile tradeoff, in my opinion.

The bottom line is, I usually don't use shopping apps (since I never need help encouraging my spending habits), but this one is beautifully made and has fantastic features to make sure I find the best deals for the brands I actually wear. I love Shop It To Me!

Warning: those price drop alerts can be dangerous...ly tempting.


bag | Free People Basilisk Straw Hobo (courtesy of Shop It To Me), sold out (similar) jeans | Zara (on sale) shirt | Old Navy (similar here and here) sandals | Nine West, old (similar) sunglasses | ASOS


Download Shop It To Me for iPhone, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook! Please note I was compensated for reviewing this app but that, as always, all opinions are my own. 

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