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A belated Red, White, & Blue | Wearables

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While typically dressing up like the American flag is reserved for that eponymous July holiday (ed note: never blog without coffee!), I'm making an exception this year. Summer activities are in full swing here, with picnics and farmer's markets abounding, and though the weather may not always match the day's plans, we can at least pretend until fall hits (aka, until tomorrow morning when the fog rolls in.)

San Francisco's summer is notoriously cold and breeze-ridden (I think Chicago might have some competition for that Windy City thing) so anytime one can wear something reminiscent of barbeques and Budweiser, one should. Without wearing, like, an actual tee shirt that says "Budweiser" across the front - because no one wants to be that girl, right? Right.



dress | Madewell, old (similar) clutch | Lulu's (on sale) scarf | Zara, sold out (similar) wedges | old (similar) bracelet | Ciela Bangle, Bauble Bar watch | Cartier (similar)

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