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Summer Purchases I Wish I'd Made | One Two Three

turkishtowel oliveservers panamahat  

So, I've been on a bit of a shopping tear lately. I know, I know - all of my good tips about financial responsibility are going out the window the minute I see a cute sundress at Target! Or, you know, five. Some things I genuinely need (replacements of makeup, scrubbing bubbles to clean the shower, a pair of good sandals) and some things I just get sucked into thinking I need by all of the gorgeous blogs and Instagram accounts I follow.

There's something to be said for finding inspiration and ideas from other blogs and other peoples' lives, but the problem comes when that "inspiration" means buying everything they have so that your apartment, too, can look like a Pinterest pinboard of cool, collected, chic adulthood. Let it be known, my room does not look like anyone's pinboard, and my life is far from "chic" as the word stands.

I do, however, think I manage to pull together a fair amount of personal lifestyle combined mostly-well with tips and ideas from others. It's not all my own doing, but what I do with it is all my own...if you get what I mean. And not in a weird way.

While I do get hooked on the shopping bug sometimes (J.Crew just had a massive sale, did you all know about this?), there are things I would love to splurge on but hold myself back from because I know, deep down, I really don't need it. I just don't. Because who needs these things? Here are my top three I wish I could justify buying: turkishtowel

1. Blissful Organic Turkish Towel, $32

Turkish towels are said to be incredibly lightweight and absorbent, making them the perfect accompaniment to any picnic, beach day, or pool party. What they lack in cushion for lying on a deck they make up for in style - I've never seen towels before that look like sophisticated throws, and yet, every Turkish towel I've ever seen reminds me of white sand beaches and limoncello. I want to go to there!


2. Olive Wood Salad Hands, $28

My mom has a pair of these at home, and I have to say, they really do make serving salads fun. If anything could help me eat more greenery it is probably the feeling of scooping up a hefty plop of romaine and tossing it around the salad bowl (obviously I'd need a matching olive wood bowl.) These would propel me into adulthood in the kitchen, I'm sure of it.


3. Panama Hat, $58

This simple style has taken over the interwebs this summer, and I'm not a part of it. I should be. Rather than the simple straw hat (which I have) the panama hat conjures to mind linen suits and cigars. While I don't need to wear or smoke either of those things, the worldliness of this style cannot be overlooked. If only I could wear this to work...

If you had to pick, which one would you get?

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