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High Five for Friday | 07/25

First of all, can we just acknowledge the fact that today is five months exactly until Christmas? This brings me so much joy! Elf, knitting, coco! I love Christmas. Alright, on to the rest of my July week...

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1. Last weekend I went to the picnic my friend Lisa threw for her boyfriend's birthday. This day involved me experimenting with the cauliflower recipe I posted earlier, playing a horribly bad game of corn hole, and catching up with friends I hadn't seen in years! It's so fun to reconnect with people who knew you years and years ago...like in your middle school awkward stage. Look, I'm a real human now! Ha.

2. I got lunch with my friend Rachel on Sunday and then we wandered around Valencia street a bit - and discovered a great new shop run by a fellow ex-lawyer! Well, not that we're ex-lawyers, but we're lawyers who like to pursue more creative endeavors. Rachel and I are, that is. Anyway! We found this shop and I can't wait to post about it next week. Hint: that bear turns into a travel pillow!

3. Made some new recipes from the Gwyneth Paltrow cookbook. Delish! I'm liking it more and more, despite what people say about her whacky healthiness.

4. The whole family dined at Il Fornaio on Wednesday for Big T's birthday. This ravioli filled with italian sausage and ricotta was amazing. Uh. Maze. Ing.

5. I got new shoes! This should be shocking to... no one. What is shocking is how affordable they were, and that they have a "sensible" heel that I don't mind wearing (I'm talking 2.5") - and that they're a great alternative to the pricey Valentinos so many people are lusting! I wish I could get some Vs but these Sole Society ones will have to do for now. And I'm not too sad about it - they're really cute! I may have even gotten them in two colors...


What was your favorite part of the week?

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