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Summer Things I Haven't Done This Year | One Two Three

Every year that summer rolls around (which is to say, every year) my mind becomes a whirling dervish of summertime activities and To Do lists that immediately take precedence over all other plans once the traditional April showers have passed. Somehow, however, in the cacophony of work, travel, and blog, I seem to have missed out on several of the biggest Summer To Dos around. To help keep things in perspective (after all, there are still at least two months of sunshine and 70 degree days to come!), I've created this list of the top three things I haven't done this year... that I hope to before Fall sneaks up on us.

Go to the Beach



 This activity was far easier (and more fun in many ways, let me be honest) when I was nearer to the equator and the waters and winds of my chosen locale were not quite as...frigid. However, there are still plenty of great beach days to be had in SF, and even more great beach picnics to eat and tide pools to wander and sea gulls to dodge! This can be done, friends. I have faith.

Take a Road Trip



When I was still in undergrad, I would drive home at least twice a semester, and sometimes more often.  Those six wonderful hours of unadulterated (literally, I wasn't an adult yet. Har har. Yes, I know that's not quite what that word means...) car karaoke, drive through coffees, and wind ruffling my hair (read: matting with its gusty power) through the open sunroof were pure bliss to a college student. Then, in law school, I drove to school every single day for three years and had twenty-five minutes all to myself, morning and evening, to sing or laugh or cry or just listen to talk radio and learn strange facts. I miss driving, and I think a road trip (of at last a few hours) is calling my name.

Reading in a Park



This should be the easiest summer task to accomplish, and thus is the most shaming for my lack of having accomplished it. Dolores, Duboce, Precita, Chrissy Field - take your pick, those are just the parks I've lived near! There are many more within SF's borders (including the parklets cropping up) and I need to take a book, take an iced coffee, take a blanket (I just bought this one from Target's Pinterest collection, wouldn't you know) and spend some quality time with the bugs and the sun and the grass. Less bugs, more sun, please.

So, there you have it - my summertime bucket list! At least for this year.

What's one thing you've been wanting to do all summer? 

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