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Tied up in Tassels | Wearables

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I've been trying to "say" my fashion piece with fewer photos in my outfit posts recently - seeing as I can sometimes take (or make my friends take) upwards of 80 photos of the same outfit, I usually try to pare it down to 3-4 images for you all to enjoy. I figure I can express the outfit without going into photos-of-myself overload, and I try not to show the same angle or article twice. I actually think about these things as I write my blog posts!

This week though, I'm not holding back. I love these shoes, I love this necklace, I love the slouchy sweater, and I love this thrifted bag (acquired on a trip to Crossroads Trading Co. with Dhruvi before she moved), so I want to show it all. You guys can handle it, right?

I would also like to attest to the greatness of these Sole Society heels. I have had kitten-heel PTSD since sorority rush forced us to wear low heeled white sandals three years in a row, and just now have I realized (as a 28 year old member of the professional workforce) that wearing slightly more "practical" shoes is not an insane idea. That is to say, coming home with aching feet every night isn't fun. Ergo, I'm finding smarter purchases that can also be super cute - like these shoes! I bought them in red, in beige, and a non-studded version in soft suede grey.

I am back on the kitten-heel bandwagon and I'm not afraid to show it. Or, according to all of these photos, show you!


J.Crew Waffle Beach Sweater Gap 1969 Denim jeans Bauble Bar tassel necklace (similar, similar) Sole Society Anneke heel in Ruby Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. bag, thrifted (similar, similar) Michael Kors Astor Stud earring __________

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