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High Five for Friday | 08/15

Congratulations to Valerie P., winner of the hamsa hand bracelet giveaway! I'll get in touch regarding sending you your price, and thank you again to everyone who entered.   


Untitled1. I had to put together four outfits that represent four different TV characters for a group giveaway (launching next week! It's huge!), so clearly that meant time to pile things around the room again.







2. I went a little out of my breakfast comfort zone and tried this carnitas scramble at Chow on Church - it. was. AMAZING. Everyone, drop what you're doing tomorrow and run there. Wait, no, don't - I want to be able to get a table!







Untitled Untitled3. I had dinner with my family and cousin and aunt on Saturday night! We sipped moscow mules outside and ate delicious enchiladas and caught up on life. It was one of those really nice evenings that are all too few and far between these days.






4. I saw The Hundred Foot Journey with my parents this weekend - which is shocking because it is DIFFICULT for me to drag them to an actual movie theatre! Luckily, the movie was charming and beautiful to look at and made us all want to cook. So I think they realized going to the movies can be worth the hassle.






5. I had sushi with a friend from high school (shout out to Debbi!) on Wednesday night. Discovered a new resto, chatted with a friend, home to the city before nine-thirty. What more could a girl ask for?








What are your plans for this weekend? I have a haircut, some family time, and a LOT of catching up to do on the blog & Etsy shop...

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