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Clogs are coming back... aren't they? | Wearables

I'm trying to do this thing called "shopping my own closet." Have you heard of it? It's where, instead of buying clothes every weekend for new outfits, you just...wear things that you already own. Revolutionary, I know. I don't know how I keep up with these newest trends, but I just manage somehow! yellowscarf

(This is me, laughing at my own little joke.)

These clogs were purchased when I worked in retail between taking the Bar and finding out whether I'd passed (and, therefore, which big girl jobs I could feasibly apply for.) At the time, I thought I would wear them all the time... and then they lived in my closet for a few years. They were just resting up for the big clog comeback!

DSC_6681 DSC_6733 clogs DSC_6700

I'm happy to say, I think they'll see a lot more action from now on, especially to casual brunches and days in the park. They give a little bit of lift while still looking nice, and the cushion means I can wear them standing all day! You know how chefs and nurses wear clogs because of all the standing? That's me! Except, at a standing desk. And only until I get tired and sit in the chair that goes with my desk. Hm.

Maybe it's not the same at all, but either way, all of the country's necessary employees are wearing clogs. This is the lesson to take away today.


Zara yellow and white scarf (similar, similar) Gap 1969 denim Ariat clogs (similar) J.Crew Panama hat J.Crew linen tee (similar) Foley + Corinna bag (on sale) ASOS sunglasses (similar)


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