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GIVEAWAY | The Pineapple Incident

As some of you may have heard, I went to Hawaii recently! If you hadn't heard this, well, then you aren't following me on Instagram, and this announcement is doubly useful. Anyway. I went to Oahu! I spent five glorious days visiting my friends Stefanie and Leon (who graciously hosted us) with my friend Sheryl - going to the beach was a major component of our itinerary, but we also tried to do a few activities here and there. You'll learn more about those later (next week, mayhaps?), but today's post is about a fruit that has taken the internet by storm!

No, not the cherry. Not the strawberry. Not even the infamous avocado.


...the Pineapple!

Did you know the pineapple is considered to be a symbol of hospitality and welcoming? I learned this on the interwebs, but it also explains why the spiky little devil has had such a resurgence of late on home goods. Stationery, tea towels, dishware - nothing is safe from the Ananus comosus! There was even a long standing joke on one of my favorite shows (How I Met Your Mother) about a pineapple mysteriously ending up on Ted's bedside stand.

I may have brought back pineapple coasters from our tour of the Dole Plantation. Maybe.

Now that we've all learned a bit about this syrupy sweet snack, why have I introduced this flirty fruit? Because I have fallen under its spell, and as such, have procured a pineapple party pack from my favorite Etsy printmaker to give to one of you lucky readers!


Translation? "I'm like, so super duper into the pineapple craze right now, so I like, bought some things from this store that I like, and I'm going to give them away to one of you guys! Like, totally."

I sometimes slip into this valley girl voice that scares my roommate? I don't know. Moving on.

DSC_6922 DSC_6938 DSC_6940

Mirta from mi + ed design is one of the sweetest AND most talented makers I've ever had the pleasure to internet-meet. Her shop is not only aesthetically beautiful, but everything is made with her own two hands! As a maker, I know how hard this is. She creates all her own original prints and designs inspired by natural objects, and uses the most eco-friendly materials she can find.

Basically, she makes gorgeous prints and cards, does it all herself, and tries to help the planet in the process. Who wouldn't want to support that? She has some amazing winter themed prints in her shop right now, too.

One lucky reader will get this fun little hospitality package - a cotton tote, a printed journal, and a set of small notecards - all mi + ed design originals. Enter below in the Rafflecopter widget, and a winner will be announced next Friday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And, yes, in case anyone is wondering - you will see lots more ridiculous Maddy pictures in future Hawaii posts. Don't worry!

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