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Mustard, Stripes, and Leaves | WEARABLES

Could this background be any more gorgeous? I'd like to say that I meticulously researched and tracked down a stunningly perfect locale for this fall outfit shoot, but really I just got lucky enough to have relatives who live somewhere so nature-y and colorful. Also, this wasn't really a full, independent shoot; more like me making my mother take pictures of my Thanksgiving outfit during a five minute break from our family's festivities. Hey, work with what you've got, amirite?

IMG_1532 IMG_1537 IMG_1538 IMG_1552 IMG_1547 IMG_1554

This was approximately ten minutes after I participated in the consumption of one of the best cheese platters I've seen this side of Wisconsin, and about ten minutes prior to more cheese ingestion. That, and wine on the patio, with the dogs making friends with each other, and babies (ok just one baby) exploring the world, and copious paparrazzi-ing of said baby.

It was a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday - food, family, and cheese. Exactly what the original Thanksgivers had intended, I'm sure!

Oh yeah, and as to the fashion -- I've worn some combination of dark colored dress, warm-toned cardigan, and neutral boots for the past three Thanksgivings. I think it's becoming a tradition! Want to take bets on what I wear next year? I have a forest green cardigan I've been meaning to take out for a spin... it'll go great over my grey dress, and possibly paired with my camel colored knee high boots.

See you guys here next year - same time, same place, probably same fashion. Them's the Thanksgiving breaks.


sweater | j.crew (similar) dress | madewell (similar) boots | corso como (similar) purse | linea pelle dylan bag necklace | lina noel

Double-Layer Cranberry Ginger Upside-Down Cake | FORK IT OVER

Goodbye, 2014 - hello New Year!