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I'm going to be honest, I didn't really know if I would ever do a workout outfit post. Who wants to be seen on the internet forever and ever wearing spandex and a shlubby sweatshirt? Well, this very day, I have recanted this thought process - it's possible to look slightly cuter (just slightly) while wearing workout-able clothing. Pro tip: this is easiest when your workout is yoga.

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I used to do The Yoga in college, a bit in law school at my family's YMCA (I even dragged my mother a few times), and in San Francisco with a friend (shout out to Lauren!) until she moved away from the city. Then, all motivation to go to a class by myself waned...and eventually dissipated completely as my schedule filled up with dinners, blogging, regular work, and the occasional sleep cycle.

Luckily for me, my roommate has gotten big into a yoga studio near our apartment and has inspired me to go to a couple of classes with her. This outfit post is super duper authentic because the pictures were taken post-workout...hence the sunglasses. Also. "they're just like, totally cute, amirite?"

On a serious note, I've been having conversations lately with multiple friends about making time for the things in life that are important to you, and not feeling guilty about that. I think a lot of us feel that spending time solely on things for ourselves is somehow more selfish than when we do things that involve others. Saying that I can't go to dinner with friends because I'm saving money, or trying to finish up an ESD order, or that I'd rather go to a yoga class that night somehow feels like an inadequate excuse, like I need a better reason to decline an invitation than just saying, "I want to do something that is for my own growth as a person."

Well, I'm going to try to turn down that voice a smidgen in 2015, and remember that doing things for myself and cultivating that relationship with my inner human is just as important as cultivating my relationships with others. I may be the only one who has problems saying no to invitations, and if so, I congratulate you all on your personal fortitude. I'm still working on mine!



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