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Get Your Moto Runnin | WEARABLES

That joke is only really funny once you scroll to the bottom of the page and see that I'm wearing a "Moto" jacket, but I just couldn't resist a good pun. Isn't it fun when your friends become friends, and you can all be friends, and go do friend things like get coffee or ice cream or go to the beach or pretend to bike around your office campus because your friend's friend just started working at the same place you're working and you can finally get lunch and take outfit photos all at the same time?

You're probably thinking, "Maddy, you had me until that last little ramble."

IMG_7199 (1) IMG_7213 (1) IMG_7230 (1) IMG_7321 (1) IMG_7330 (1) IMG_7336 (1)

Rachel's friend Julia, the proprietress of Technically Sweet, just started doing UX design at Google. I'm doing e-discovery at Google! We both have blogs! Therefore, we automatically became friends.

...You might not think it, but sometimes it really does just work that way. Especially when said new friend is fun and bubbly and super (not even just technically) sweet!

We thought it only fitting to do some outfit photos with the iconic (and infamous, and sometimes hated - sorry guys!) multicolored bikes.

I should let you all know, this is my version of dressing up at work. Google has ruined me for other jobs. On the flip side, working somewhere else eventually (my contract is up this summer) will give me a chance to actually wear the nice things in my closet?

I'm the queen of flip sides, y'all.



jacket | Tela Moto Jacket from Anthropologie (on sale) denim | grey Gap 1969 jeans bag | from Therapy (similar) flats | Circus by Sam Edelman necklace | by Haej.Co sunglasses | Ray-Ban (similar) watch | Mint green Viscid watch by Anthropologie

Top Five (er, Three.)

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