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Cloudy with a chance of neon | WEARABLES

Oh, hello there! Don't mind me - I'm just strolling along Market Street, going to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market, breaking in my newest summer sandals...  

*record skips*

Er, wait. That's not right. Where am I again?


Oh that's right, I'm in New York! Or rather, I was when these photos were taken. I spent three amazing days and four fantastic nights in one of my favorite cities on Earth (shh, San Francisco, cover your ears!) just over a week ago, and of course I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by for snowy outfit photos.

Let me not kid you - it was cold in the NYC. It was hovering around 30-38 degrees the entire time I was there, and that was ten degrees warmer than originally predicted! Their winters are no joke.

Dhruvi from Stilettos & Sequins (shout out to my girl!) and I spent a whole day together gallivanting around the city. We started at the Guggenheim Museum, where we saw the just-opened (!) exhibit "Silence" by On Kawara - thank you again Natalia! My favorite part was the "I Got Up" series, where he sent a postcard every day for years to different people with a stamped time saying when he got up that day. I loved that this exhibit was in the rotunda, as you spiraled around the entire museum following each piece to the next in the series.

I also really loved seeing the Kandinsky pieces on display - the colors and bold lines are just so different from anything else. What a guy, that Vasily!

IMG_2286 IMG_2288

After the museum, we went to the Neue Galerie's Café Sabarsky for a decadent hot cocoa, and continued traipsing around the city. Our tour included stops at Crossroads Trading Co. (where I found an amazing Steven Alan bag for $35, and a brand new Dolce & Gabbana men's cardigan for $75! I need to do all my vintage shopping in New York...), Joe's Pizza in the West Village, and finally a stroll through Washington Square Park.

IMG_2309 IMG_2310

You guys, I love New York. It was twenty-five degrees out, my face was frozen and I couldn't feel my fingers, and yet the fact that someone was playing Chopin on a piano in front of the archway in Washington Square Park just made my heart melt. There was a moment where a flock of birds made a grand, swooping turn over the park and I stood there mesmerized by the simple beauty of the moment, listening to gorgeous music and trying to soak in each detail of that scene.


I have to move there someday. I just have to! I do declayuh!

After that, we made our way back uptown to Refinery Rooftop (the rooftop bar of Refinery Hotel) for drinks with Dhruvi's (and now my!) friend Krystal. The Refinery Rooftop bar was just stunning - I plan to do an entire post about it and why you need to go there soon, but for now let me say, covered rooftop bar facing the Empire State Building. That's all you need to know!

Between the copious amounts of snacks, coffees, and drinks had that day, to learning how to enter the subway with only one swipe, to seeing one of my favorite blogging-turned-real-life-friends for the first time in months, this was truly a fantastic New York day.



sweater | H&M (similar) jacket | Land's End (similar) boots | Børn (similar) black jeans | BDG from Urban Outfitters bag | MZ Wallace (similar here and here) hat | earthquake state designs (feel free to special order one!)


*outfit photos by Dhruvi of Stilettos & Sequins

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