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Cold Brrrrrew Coffee | FORK IT OVER

Hey do you guys remember when I said I was going to show you the easiest recipe ever?  I think I may have lied. You see, the only way a recipe that involves stirring three store-bought ingredients together (thank you Lentil Dip) could be beat on the easy scale is by a recipe that involves mostly waiting. I present to you Cold Brew Coffee, your new summer/springtime/whenever-if-you're-like-me-and-like-cold-beverages-time favorite.


First you'll need:

- coffee beans (ground or unground, but if ground then choose a coarse grind) - a french press OR if you're like me, a pour-over coffee filter, paper filters, and a jug. - water - maybe some cute straws

That's literally it. Told you this would be easy!

IMG_2247 Here's the only catch -- you have to prepare this puppy at least 12 hours in advance, because that's how long it needs to sit to properly "brew." Toss it together on a Friday night and you'll have coffee all weekend; or, make a big batch Sunday night to spread throughout the week! You can add cream, sugar, agave, honey (my honey actually dissolved in the cold iced coffee, it was miraculous), milk, almond milk, coconut milk, hell ANY KIND OF MILK - you can make this your own.

But first, you have to let it sit.

Step 1: Grind your beans or pour your ground beans into a jug. I put mine in a pitcher because the pitcher was bigger than the end capsule. As for the amount? This is up to you, but I recommend going with the normal 1 tablespoon per 1 cup water routine. Which means that I, in practice, just poured a bucketload of coffee grounds in the pitcher.

IMG_2223 IMG_2225 Put it in the refrigerator for at least twelve hours. When you take it out, the grounds might all be at the top but the water will look more like coffee!

(If you're using a French Press, all you have to do is put your water and grounds in the press container. Don't put the press top on.)

Step 2: Put your filter over your desired coffee container and make sure you have a paper filter inside. Pour slowly!


IMG_2230 It might take a little while to get all of the grounds to empty out but not too long - this really is the easiest, you guys.

(If using a French Press, this is where you, you know, press it! Just like normal.)

Step 3: Add to ice (it will be VERY strong if you don't) and adorn with your favorite crazy straws and sweetening agents. I went with honey because I was trying to stay off processed sugar, and I didn't have any cream or that would have gone in too.

IMG_2233 IMG_2236Step 4: Impress all of your friends with your homemade iced coffee all summer long! Or all winter long, if you're a total nutbar like me.



Are you a cold brewed coffee fan? What's your favorite coffee "recipe"?


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