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Say hello to my little friend...

His name is Oscar, he's not a grouch (or a slouch for that matter - pretty sure he only wears tuxes), and he lives in a high security vault until such time when one lucky person gets to finally cut through all the red carpet (er, tape) and take him home. That's right folks, I'm talking about that little gold statuette.

While not everyone who attends the Oscars is nominated or presenting, the ones who are definitely get that extra couple of minutes to show off their style. Awards season is a time for stylists to gain a little street cred, for designers to dress that year's hot topic star in their threads, and for celebrities to fear the dreaded Worst Dressed lists.

I thought this year it would be nice to only congratulate those whose looks I really love, so without further adieu, I bring you my Top Ten Oscar Fashions:

oscarpic1Naomi Watts in Armani and Rauwolf clutch; Emma Stone in Elie Saab Haute Couture dress and Tiffany Blue Book Collection jewelry.

oscarpic2Keira Knightley in Valentino; Jennifer Lopez in Elie Saab Haute Couture.

oscarpic3Gwyneth Paltrow in Ralph & Russo Couture; Chloë Grace Moretz in Miu Miu and Forevermark Diamonds.

oscarpic4Kerry Washington in Miu Miu; Zoe Saldana in Atelier Versace.

oscarpic5Laura Dern in Alberta Ferretti; Marion Cotillard in Dior Haute Couture dress and Chopard jewelry.

The first thing I'm going to go ahead and proclaim is that I'm loving the ultra-feminine neutrals this season. There's something about awards season being in winter that automatically draws me to dresses that are a little more subtle and evoke that sense of the natural world. While several big name stars wore gorgeous jewel tone gowns, and looked stunning in them -- see e.g. ScarJo, Rosamund Pike, Jessica Chastain -- I really prefer the softened look of Keira's dress, or Kerry in Miu Miu, or Chloë's gown. Miu Miu is one of my favorite designers right now by far!

I'm also noticing that metallics are making a big comeback. I love the structure of Laura Dern's dress, and I think the metallic silver allows her to be flashy and glamorous without trying to dress a bit too young for her age. Then again, screw it, she can wear whatever she wants! She's an independent woman! Who cares what the patriarchy thinks! But no, seriously, I think this dress was perfect for her.

My two absolute favorite looks, however, are the ones that are a little more off-the-wall: Naomi Watts just slayed the red carpet in that bandeau-top gown (first picture), and I cannot get over the sophisticated style of Marion Cotillard's banded dress (last picture.) I think those dresses were perfect for the occasion, while also stepping out of the traditional floor-length box for a minute or two to twirl around with innovation.

What were your favorite Oscar looks this year? Or, if you didn't watch - what are you favorite looks from the ones I've listed here?


*all photographs except of Marion Cotillard are from here; Marion's photo is from here.


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