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We're Layer-ing it on a little thick.

Most of you know, I'm no stranger to the homebody lifestyle. In fact, I know it well - we've done coffee dates, painted each other's nails, and bought Justin Bieber Valentine's as a joke-that's-not-a-joke. We're old pals, me and the homeyness. But sometimes, you have to live in the world. You have to experience life! Even when it's cold out. I saw this firsthand in New York recently, and I have to give major kudos to all my friends living there and in even colder climates right now - I could push through the sub-freezing temps for a vacation but another couple of days of that and I would have gladly accepted perpetual hermit status (...maybe that's how I'll be able to afford NYC someday?)

So when ModCloth asked me to pick several of their layering items and create a look that is both cool and warm (har har), I was game for the challenge. A little too game, as it turns out - I couldn't pick just one look! So I made four.

(I'm not sure if leggings count as a layering item in their eyes, but, they do in mine...!)


modclothchallengeThe first look is my absolute favorite - I love mixing prints and textures, like the taupe polka dots with the black leather leggings, and I also love adding a bit of edge to an otherwise girly or preppy outfit. The skull pullover sweater would be a very rocker addition to the taupe polkas and those chic boots! The bucket bag pulls it all together so that it is still sophisticated and on-trend - if you can't afford a Mansur Gavriel just yet, that bucket bag would be a great compromise.

The other outfits are similarly me. I really dislike being too matchy matchy, so all of the boots and bags are different tones, but all work well as neutrals against the prints of the tops. I also enjoy mixing up patterns like the polka dots with the striped print cardigan in #4 - however, I tried to balance this out with deep colored accessories, and kept all of the prints a black-and-white theme.

I have to be honest, this challenge was incredibly dangerous for my bank account. Those cut out boots in #2? The bag from #3? And you know I wanted to buy ALL of the polka dots. However, I managed to restrain myself, and satisfied my shop-lust with this collage.

If you want to check out the rest of ModCloth's sweater collection for yourself, you can find them here! In fact, I highly suggest you do. There were a ton of cute cardis that didn't jive with the leather leggings vision I had but would be so cute with jeans or a dress.

...Thank goodness I recently purchased a pair of leather leggings, though. For real. Those look so cool.


Which one is your favorite style? Would you mix these up in a different way?


1. leggings / polka top in taupe / skull sweater / boots / bucket bag 2. red top / cardigan / cut out boots / tote bag 3. black blouse / stripe pullover / boots / bag 4. polka dot top / stripe cardigan / burgundy heels / bag

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