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I have a lot of favorites in this post, y'all.

The bag? A present from my brother last Christmas when I said I needed something to carry my laptop around in during the "wet winter" (which never happened.) It's still my go-to everyday bag for work.

The scarf? An impulse purchase at the airport on the way to Puerto Rico that I seem to try to pair with everything.

The shades? A birthday present from my mom.

The shoes? A birthday present from me.

(...which I haven't taken off in the seven days since I got them. It's getting a little weird. It's like I only own one pair of shoes now. I may need to get them in another color just to spice it up.)


Do you ever find that when your clothing has memories, you seem to be more drawn to them than other pieces?


I adore the bag I bought myself on Poshmark several months ago, but I haven't used it much yet because I love having something near me everyday that my brother picked out instead (also, the other purse is a little too fancy for my job. But that's another story.)

I have plenty of scarves that I've collected over the years, but knowing that this one has been to another country and back with me gives it an extra special something.

There are four pairs of sunglasses displayed on my bookshelf but I gravitate towardsthese because I know my mom picked them out for me.

DSC_0046 DSC_0047 DSC_0020 DSC_0057 DSC_0063

Sometimes, I'm reminded of that scene from The Devil Wears Prada where Andy (Anne Hathaway) is scoffing at two turquoise belts that an assistant has just said are "so different" and which she cannot even tell apart.

Miranda Priestly (played by the enigmatic and impeccable Meryl Streep) turns to her and gives her a lecture about how every outfit choice that she has made is based on some decision a higher up editor made previously, even if she doesn't realize it. Fashion curates all of her style, even as she thinks she has picked out that sweater in an effort to distance herself from high fashion. DSC_0060

While not directly applicable here, my point is thus: style is such a personal thing, and yet, the choices of others can always often sometimes affect our own. Whether it's through receiving a present, shopping with friends, or browsing fashion blogs online - no choice is made in a vacuum anymore.

...It's just nice when you realize it's happening, like having a fond memory of a scarf, rather than getting scolded by your terrifying boss.



sweatshirt | J.Crew via Crossroads Trading Co. (similar) denim | Gap 1969 Always Skinny scarf | SFO airport (similar) shoes | Tieks by Gavrieli in Camel (I also love Ballerina Pink) bag | Longchamp Le Pliage in Bilberry sunglasses | Oliver Peoples (similar, similar)

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