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High Five for Friday, vol. 6

Ugh! That thing where you write a whole blog post and then it deletes the minute you enter your SEO key word. Yeah, I don't know what I'm talking about either. Don't worry, the old intro wasn't that great anyway!


High Five

This week's high five is much like the others: good time spent with good friends and good food. That is to say, Thursday night I headed straight to Nectar wine lounge in theMarina to get some pinot noir, appetizers lots and lots of burrata, and quality time catching up with Meg and Nat (sorority sisters of mine who, luckily, live in the Bay so I can see them as often as our schedules allow.) Any week where I am reminded of theamazing friends I have in my life is a good one, in my opinion!

Also, who wants to try the Tipsy Pig with me sometime?

Low Five

This is really a high five in disguise... to kickstart my job search (insert exhausted sound here) I asked a good friend and professional career advice giver who works at Levo League to revamp my resume for me. While no one truly enjoys that process, she was very encouraging and made me feel a lot more confident about sending my application materials out. One small step for Maddy's career, one huge step for... well, Maddy's career! I hope. I think. We'll see.


And now, some things for you!

- While I haven't visited any of the SF locations yet, I'm super excited to give the Castro spot a try when it opens. Think we can get Hallie to teach a class there?

- My high school self would have bought this hair tie bracelet in a minute. In fact, I still might!

- Any movie with Kate Mara and Miles Teller is a movie I want to see.

- I love supporting SF food ventures! How long do you think I'll have to wait before I can try this new Mission spot by the folks of Tartine?

- We all need a little help being productive sometimes, but you can start just by making your bed.


I'm going back to playing with my friend's dog I'm watching this weekend, and hopefully organizing my apartment a bit more. I hope you all enjoy this wonderful Saturday!

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