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Orange you glad...

...that I resisted making a horrible pun the title of this post? Eh? DSC_0102

I know, I know. I had to though! Think of it as web-based self-flagellation for this belated post. Revealing your horrible pun-centric sense of humor in internet-public is kind of thesame thing as what happened in The Da Vinci Code, right?

Too dark? Moving on.

DSC_0088 DSC_0094 DSC_0121 DSC_0109 DSC_0129

Now, let me chat at you for a minute. Several things about this outfit are important.

This dress? I bought it at least three years ago from Madewell! It's still in like-new condition, and even though it's in a somewhat bright wild eye-opening trendy color, thecut is classic enough to be worn through several years of Springs and Summers.

And the blazer, from Banana Republic, is even older than the dress. I love the muted blue color, and the pattern peeking out on the lining (it's a New York City map!) - but thecut, again, is classic enough to be kept in my closet for years! You would think I had bought this a month ago, amirite?

My point? Even though it's fun to shop the sales (LOFT is having a pretty great one right now!) and try out trend pieces from the "fast fashion" stores, there's something to be said about choosing quality pieces that you can wear over and over again (Marie Kondo would approve!)

In other words, I'm really embracing this idea of shopping your own closet. I know it sounds trite at this point, but there really is value in buying pieces that fit your body type, in a classic style, in quality materials that will last for several seasons.

Sometimes, picking the right item can lead to a highlighter orange dress becoming a closet staple.

(Orange you glad I turned that post around at the end?)



blazer | Banana Republic, out of season (similar) dress | Madewell, out of season (similar) heels | Madewell Mira heel, on sale (similar) studded clutch | Linea Pelle (similar, similar)

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