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High Five for Friday, vol. 7


High Five

This one's easy - one of my best, best friends came to visit and stayed at the apartment all week! I can reveal this now (previously I hadn't been able to tag her in any photos or comments online) because she is currently at her father's surprise birthday dinner, hopefully having a fabulous time. Just like I had a fabulous time with her here! We got drinks and cooked dinners and ate sushi takeout and talked blog-shop (she's working on a project of her own right now that I can't wait to see in action) and caught up on life and just generally had a great time. There are some friends that are just so easy to be around. Thanks for coming, Freyan!

Low Five

This one is also easy because, sadly, my work bestie moved back to New York this week. She's been someone I could rely on to help navigate the career waters at Google since July 2013 and it's incredibly strange not to have her around the office! She's also become a true friend, and it's always sad when friends move farther away from you. That said, I know this is just part of this whole stage of my life coming to an end (since my contract is up in July), and the Universe is signaling that things have to change. Hopefully, some things will change for the better!

And now, some things for you!

- I don't know if you've heard, but there are approximately thirteen hundred sales going on this weekend. My favorite so far is this Loeffler Randall one - I scored some amazing sandals that I can't wait to shoot for the blog!

- Have you seen the new Netflix show Grace and Frankie? I love EVERYONE in this trailer.

- This article about staying friends in your 30s is hilarious -- and totally spot on.

- Two thousand calories sounds like an awful lot, until you see what that "budget" will get you at these different restaurants. Hint: it's not a lot.

- I didn't waste a minute before snagging this book from DKNY PR Girl chock full of practical (and totally relevant) career advice. I'll let you all know how it is!

I hope you all have a beautiful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend! And, maybe pick yourself up a hot pair of shoes while you're at it. And drink some lemonade. Do summerystuff!

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