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High Five for Friday, vol. 8

"And though she be but short, she is fierce." - me, about this four day week.


High Five

This week's high five is the updated header font and social media buttons! I know these may be small changes, but anything that makes me happier with the overall look of the blog (which is, essentially, a reflection of my style and aesthetic) is something that makes me happy in real life. Did you see them? What do you think?

Low Five

This week's low five involves trying to create a new hosting account for this page and accidentally deleting two months worth of posts (after deleting the entire blog for a minute - that's right - but luckily Bluehost fixed that part.) I'm still scrambling to piece back together April's posts, since there seems to be no record of them anywhere. Le sigh. Life lessons, amirite?

And now, some things for you!

- I asked friends' opinions on my Facebook page, but now I'm curious what you think about this artist making blow ups of others' Instagram photos for profit.

- I have never wanted a butter-dipped radish more in my entire life. I didn't even know this was a thing!

- "Really good leadership is the study of human nature. You have to have your antenna up." This interview with Rachel Roy on leadership is one of the best I've seen.

- In blogs this week: I loved hearing about Meghan's experience running her first half marathon! I'm attempting my fifth this summer and it doesn't really get any easier.

- I read this article, and then I bought the book. Bing bang boom. Anyone want to start a blog book club?


This weekend I need to pack, write some cover letters, and sleep! My family and I are going to DC next week, so the posting might be a bit lighter here, but you know I'm always just an Instagram account away.

Canadians need tuxedos too!

Guatamalan Rice and Tofu