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Pica-ing Up Arepas at Pica Pica

(You know I can never turn down the opportunity for a new pun.) Pica Pica is one of those restaurants that, quite frankly, is a little too unassuming for how great the food actually is.


I went there with a friend on a whim for a midday bite, not quite expecting the feast that ensued.

(...the 100% gluten-free guaranteed feast, I should say.)

For a restaurant that has such a large variety of entrés, perfectly-cooked yucca fries, and several house made frescas on the menu every day, you would think they would do some extra bragging about it!

waitinginline picapica5 soda

I love any restaurant that uses puns in its decor...

picapica4 picapica3

Rachel and I got some yucca fries while we waited for the main event, and if you know me at all, you know I love buying and trying strange drinks so I had to indulge myself in one of their homemade fruit drinks. The Coconut Lime fresca did not disappoint!


I only wish it had been larger.


Finally, my grilled chicken arepa (a hand-held food pocket made of ground corn and cooked to be crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, like a warm Venezuelan sandwich bread) arrived! And there was rejoicing!

fries coleslaw

Rachel got the Vegetariano, with avocado, plantains, and cilantro-marinated tofu.

I'm not even vegetarian, and it still looked amazing.

arepa picapica2 picapicasf

Who could know that on this little corner of 15th and Valencia, steps from Four Barrel coffee and across the street from Little Star Pizza, lies an establishment that packs such a flavorful punch?

Next time, I'm getting the crispy chicken arepa. Or maybe the pulled pork. And the tres empanadas! And a yuca beignet - I can't believe I didn't get a yuca beignet.

Alright, it is written. Pica Pica is a place that I entered with no expectations, and when I left, I couldn't imagine knowing San Franciscan life without it.

Who wants to go with me next time?



Pica Pica 401 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94103 11am - 10pm daily

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