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A comfort food you can count on.


Does anyone need a Xanax after that last post? Y'all ok? (Truly though, thank you so much for your kind words - it's nice to know I'm not the only almost-30-something who feels this way!)

But now, it's time to bring the mood up again, and what better way than with a comfort food as old as mankind?


I'm talking about NOODLE SOUP, people. Since the first time a caveman (or woman, it was probably a woman) dropped a potato in a pot of water, people have turned to soup for nourishment, tradition, and just a good old "warms me up inside" feeling.

And it doesn't hurt that carbs are a time-honored comfort food of human beings everywhere, so this recipe is the perfect combination.

This soup is so easy that you'll be amazed how often you turn to it for a last-minute meal. Unlike other soups that really should simmer for hours to get the flavors mixed, this is a pseudo-ramen-pho masterpiece that uses fresh ingredients and pre-made broth. Hey, we're not cavewomen, we don't have hours to kill sitting around a fire.

Ingredients (serves 2): 

1 carton chicken broth / one-half diced white onion / 2 diced green onions (scallions) / 2-3 chopped garlic cloves / one package udon noodles (approx 0.25 lb per person) / 1 egg per person / basil, mint, spinach leaves / sriracha, lime, olive oil

If you want to swap out the udon noodles for something more delicate like vermicelli rice noodles, go right ahead. That sounds delicious too!

Read the rest of the post to find out how these all come together...

how to make noodle soup 1 how to make noodle soup

Step 1: Chop what needs chopping.

green onion diced onion chopped

I also like to lay out the greens to wash and tear up a bit into smaller pieces. Also take this time to crack your eggs into a bowl before pouring into the frying pan so that you can catch any egg shells that may slip through your fingers.

fresh basil organic eggs

Step 2: Toss the chopped bits (onion, scallions, garlic) into your soup pot with a glug of olive oil and sauté on medium heat for a while, until the onions are translucent and the garlic is really fragrant.

sauteed garlic

Step 3: Just when the onions etc. are done sautéing, add your broth and heat it up. I added the entire carton because I like a lot of broth - and don't forget, the noodles will cook in this, so they'll soak up some of the liquid too.

(If you're making this for the week or you anticipate having leftovers, it might be best to cook and drain your noodles separately and add them to each individual serving. That way they won't soak up the broth in the refrigerator. I've learned that the hard way.)

chicken broth

Step 4: Once the broth has heated up, cook the noodles until tender but not mushy. Arrange your bowl with some mint, and basil according to taste. Add the spinach leaves to the soup pot to cook down a bit.

sriracha chicken noodle soup

Step 5: Add your eggs to the frying pan. It's prettier to do this one at a time, but this recipe is supposed to be primarily delicious and easy so do it however you like!

fried egg 1fried egg

Step 6: Serve with fried egg and a good dousing of sriracha on top! Lime is also a good addition, as is hoisin sauce if you have it.

egg drop soup noodle soup 3 noodle soup 2 noodle soup

Don't forget to stick a dishtowel in your collar before starting in on this... I've ruined several silk shirts with little droplets of delicious soup. I learned this the hard way too. #sloppysoupeater

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