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High Five for Friday, vol. 11

T-G-I-F y'all! This week has flown by but at the same time has completely sapped my energy. Last weekend I attended Jenna's wedding, and while the overall trip was a metric ton-o-fun (shout out to my ADPi ladies I got to catch up with, you're all still amazing...no surprise there!), it was exhausting, and that only continued on into my week. BMS_0100I don't know how many of you know this, but this was my second-to-last week working at Google (expect a bigger post on that later), and the winding down process has definitely been bittersweet. It's sad to leave a place that I have had in my life for two solid years, but I'm excited and ready to welcome what's next! It feels a bit like senior year of high school, or like summer camp is ending -- except without as many graphic tees.

Without further adieu, because I'm just rambling now, let me give you the Fives.

High Five

This one... well, there are two, but one is going to stay under wraps for another couple of days (just because I can.) The bigger one is I SAW MAGIC MIKE XXL on Wednesday and it was AMAZING. I never saw the first one, but from what I can tell, this is definitely a suitable follow up. Channing Tatum can dance, and Sophia Vergara (engaged to Joe Manganiello) is a very lucky lady. I watched the entire thing with my jaw dropped and hands on cheeks, Home Alone style.

Low Five

This week's low five would have to be the beginning of the end at my job... There is a "wave" of people whose last day is today, and it's a very strange feeling to know that not only will they not be here next week, but that that will be me in a week. While I'm very excited to move on to this next phase of my career and my life, there is definitely a feeling of loss and strangeness at just up and leaving a place where I still have coworkers and friends. I'm learning lots of adult lessons this week!

Your Five

- I absolutely LOVE these representations of "Two Kinds of People." It reminds me of Paris versus New York!

- Did you know parts of Game of Thrones were shot in Dubrovnik? I've never particularly wanted to visit before, but these photos are tempting my wanderlust...

- Quinoa is a seed, you guys! Who knew?!

- A friend introduced me to Gray Malin's photography recently and I am dying for a gigantic print for the apartment. In lieu of that artistic investment, I really want this iPhone case.

- The pics in this Google blog about how they took photos of El Capitan for Streetview are giving me serious vertigo... but it's such a cool concept!


This weekend I'm looking forward to sleeping in, doing some necessary things around the apartment, and maybe cooking up a new recipe post or two! What are your plans?



The classiest breakfast I ever did see.

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