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High Five for Friday, vol. 12

Who's ready for the weekend? I am, I am! DSC_1151This has been a slightly strange week, since it's simultaneously been slow at work and it was my last week at this gig so there was a lot of time to process the transition. I'm so grateful for the opportunities and experiences I've had here, but I'm definitely ready to move on to the next step.

It's that feeling you get when you're at the end of a long trip, and you have a few hours to kill before you have to leave for the airport, and part of you just wants to leave NOW, just wants to get the show on the road! That's how I feel today. I am happy to have some last moments with my crazy-amazing (cramazing?) coworkers though. I'll miss them most of all!

High Five

My highest moment this week was coming back from a night out with friends to find the official paperwork for my job offer had come in the mail. I have a new job! I start next week. I had to buy suits for it. I cannot wait.

Low Five

...Leaving this place that has been part of my routine for two years. Two whole years! I've only been out of grad school for 4 years, and I went straight from undergrad to law school, so I have spent 50% of my adult career at this place. Whoa.

However: I am so sick of riding the bus 3 hours a day, I can't even tell you. My twenty minute commute is going to be a dream!


Your Five

- I can't help it, I love T.Swift and C.Harris together!

- Never go hungry again with this micro-mac-n-cheese recipe. Ok, "recipe."

- Do you ever think about how you got to some place in life without even trying?

- In love with this jetsetter sweatshirt and this pineapple tee.

- Why wouldn't you want a Woodstock grilled cheese? #peanutsrule


I have Monday and Tuesday of next week free, and I'm looking forward to spending that time + the weekend getting myself together before I start work. I'm foreseeing laundry, giveaway piles, and maybe a trip or two to the grocery store. I have to start packing lunches!


It's not a celebration without oysters

The classiest breakfast I ever did see.