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Wakey wakey, eggs and... baked potato?

If there's anything that I love in this world more than breakfast food, I challenge you to find it. My ideal morning consists of hot coffee with cream and sugar, fur-lined slippers, and a meal involving eggs, avocado, and potatoes all at the same time. Lately, I've been craving this crucial combination for more than one meal a day - and to satisfy this craving, I've had to get a little inventive.

I present to you: The Breakfast Potato.

IMG_3672 IMG_3682 IMG_3674This bad boy packs a protein punch with the eggs and avo, while the salsa adds a bit of juiciness to the starchy potato. I'm a big fan of cilantro so I like to top it with a healthy serving of the green stuff.

The Breakfast Potato Ingredients per serving: 1 potato (or 1/2 if you choose particularly large spuds), 1/2 avocado, 1-2 scrambled eggs, a healthy dose of salsa and cilantro, salt and pepper.

For a quickie baked potato, wash your spud well and pork with the prongs of a (sturdy) fork all over. Wrap in a damp paper towel and microwave for 6 minutes. Carefully (!) feel the tater to see if it has softened, and if it hasn't (and the paper towel hasn't started burning yet... beware this rookie mistake I have made several times) then zap it for another minute or two.

(Pro tip: you can also wrap it in tinfoil after taking it out of the microwave and let it sit in foil for another 5 minutes to steam!)

Once your tater has cooked, slice that puppy open and begin layering on your extras. I like to start with the scrambled eggs, douse them in salsa and cilantro, and layer my avocado around the periphery.

Other topping options include: sour cream, refried or black beans, sliced jalapenos (sauté them in butter for a truly decadent dish), and carnitassssss.


The final step? Digging in! And then take a nap. You'll need it.


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