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Jump(suit)ing into action!

Oh hey there! DSC_1460

Nice to meet you! My name is Maddy, I'm a blogger/knitter/wannabe stylist/Harry Potter enthusiast-turned total blog post slacker who has severely shirked her online duties in the last couple of weeks.

What's that? We've met, you say? You've come to expect this, you say? You all understand because you have crazy busy lives too, you say?

Aw, shucks. You guys are the best.

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Sometimes posting pictures after the fact is a bit of an awkward dance, since the conditions present on the day of the photo shoot are not always true when I'm typing up the post, so things on my mind one day aren't at the forefront of my focus the next, and vice versa.

All of that is to say: sometimes I post sunny pictures and it's foggy and windy outside, and I feel like a weather-fraud.

Luckily for my conscience (but unluckily for my comfort), the Universe has bestowed a series of hot and humid days upon our end-of-summer months. This might sound normal to all of you who live, well, anywhere else -- but in San Francisco it's quite strange.

Didn't I swear about seven times that I wouldn't talk about the weather anymore on here? I guess you never can trust a ginger...


So instead, let's talk fashion!

One of my favorite looks right now is the jumpsuit. You know how people say dresses are convenient because you throw one on and still look perfectly pulled together? Well, I think the jumpsuit is an untapped pool of potential in this arena: you get the uniformity of a one-piece outfit, with the convenience of pants not blowing up at the slightest gust of wind!


Another piece I'm loving these days is the fold-over clutch. For someone who continually stresses minimalism and simplicity in my own designs, it is pretty funny how much I try to cram into each bag, purse, suitcase, and evening clutch. I am not known for my minimalism in life.

The fold-over clutch is the perfect solution to this! I once fit, in this particular bag, my large zip Kate Spade wallet, a pair of sunglasses, a lip gloss, keys, my iPhone 6+, and a phone charger. It still comfortably zipped, folded, and allowed for a good grip so I wouldn't lose my precious cargo!

(A bonus? These clutches are handmade, a cause near and dear to my own Etsy-loving heart, by women in Bolivia earning a fair wage. If you ever needed an excuse to shop, supporting small businesses and women at the same time is a pretty good one!)


Speaking of minimalism...I'm really excited to use my upcoming move (I'll officially be in a new apartment as of October 1st) as an excuse to Marie Kondo-ize my entire arsenal of belongings. That sweater I've never worn? Out. The free notepad I got in the mail? Gone. The makeup pouch I haven't used in ages? DUNZO. I'm going to be ruthless and hopefully only bring things into my new place that I actually want to have and use there.

I got the keys to my new digs on Saturday, so the next month will be full of organizing, purging, packing, and unpacking...and maybe an Insta-snap or two about couches, coffee tables, and desk decor! Aren't you excited? (Start following along now if you aren't already.)

I hope you all have a joyous and humidity-free Monday!



jumpsuit | LOFT Lou & Grey spacedyed jumpsuit (similar) cardigan | Ann Taylor LOFT (similar) high heels | Dolce Vita (similar) clutch | Sucre Clutch c/o JoyBound Apparel sunglasses | Ann Taylor LOFT (similar) necklace | Kendra Scott Rae necklace in Periwinkle

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