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High Five for Friday, vol. 14

Is it Fri-day or Fri-YAY? Amirite? *crickets*


Ok, so my puns may be falling a little flat today... but in a few short weeks, other parts of me hopefully won't be! Or, will be? However working out works. That's the point of this joke.

High Five

My High Five this week is finally getting back into the gym! I've been paying for Planet Fitness near my work for two whole months and hadn't set foot in the place until Monday evening. Luckily for my motivation (and my derrière), Val works right around the corner and we've agreed to be gym buddies. And by "agreed" I mean we both hate working out so we need someone else to make us do it. Insert: our gchat conversation right now where we're telling each other we have to go today, no we REALLY have to go today. Like, really really.

Low Five

Not to be too intentionally vague, but I've been learning some business-and-life lessons the hard way this week. Trying to run a handmade business is confusing! You need to put faith in people sometimes to get your message out and to gain exposure for your products, but when those partnerships don't work out the way you had planned, it can all get a bit sticky. I guess it's just part of this thing called life!

Your Five

I have to say, the internet did good this week:

- These five tips from The Kitchn on how NOT to cook your pasta are a must-read. Especially if you love pasta and don't want to see it sad and gloppy.

- I. Need. This. Tent. Bed. Stat!

- Sometimes I hate decorating with too on-the-nose of an item, but this gold foil print map of San Francisco belongs in my kitchen.

- I love Bon App but I love it even more when it teaches me how to make a 100% free (and even tastier) pumpkin spice latte.

- There's a difference between quitting and walking away, indeed. Much respect for Blake Lively for admitting she hit a road bump and is navigating around it in her business venture!


What are you up to this weekend? I'm organizing a work-party (think 3 ladies on their laptops and lots of homemade coffee) tomorrow, going out on the town a bit Saturday night, and then spending all day Sunday organizing the apartment. Wish me luck!

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