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Spending Fast Update: I sure know how to spend FAST

Hey-oh! Insert drum riff here. The punny titles are back. It's been about a month since I went on my self-proclaimed Spending Fast (a la Anna Newell Jones) and I thought it was time to report back on the Good, Bad, and the Thrifty.

I have to be honest - there have been slip ups. There have been things that I bought for the apartment "on credit" from my parents and then paid back with my next paycheck. Some of these things, though essential (coughsilverware), were not necessarily in line with the Spending Fast principles. I could have lived on plastic for a month or so if needed and I fully admit that.

But! But! Compared to the gluttony that was taking place before? Ordering meals in and buying coffee almost every day and justifying "work clothes" purchases even though there are only five days in a week? I have gotten SO back on track with my spending. Slip ups aside, there are very few things that have financially taken place this month that weren't essential.

I'm making a list of those non-essentials for next month. Har har.


Let's examine:

Things I Bought But Feel Okay About

1. Silverware, on sale over Labor Day weekend (I'm going to have this for most of my adult life.)

2. A haircut (for the first time in 9 month)

3. A dish rack, drying mat, laundry rack (via my mother and paid back)


Things I Bought That I Shouldn't Have

1. Coffees. My goal was 0 coffees - I estimate I've had maybe 1.5 a week out? But still! There are only five days in a week. I got sucked into the Starbucks fall drink marketing, I ADMIT IT.

2. Two pairs of pants for work - at the time these felt necessary because I had been rotating another 2 pairs of work pants for a while, but in hindsight I probably could have made do with the clothes I already have for another month.

3. Plants from Flora Grubb. I still owe my mom for these.


Things I Want To Buy

1. I. Want. These. Loafers!

2. Indian food takeout.

3. A new stamp for my new shop/blog logo - I got in to the SF Etsy holiday show again so I'll need some marketing materials!

So, I'm going into October with renewed vigor for the cause! No coffees bought out (sorry PSL, see you in November...), no more "work clothes," and lots and lots of meals cooked at home.

(But I still really want to get the loafers.)

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