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Fringe x ASOS

Let's talk about fringe, bay-bee.

Let's talk about you and me.

Let's talk about all the good things, and the bad things, that may be.

Let's talk abouuuuut fringe!

Alright, maybe I just plagiarized some Salt N Pepa lyrics for blog post intro purposes. But all of you who got the reference? You're very, very cool people.


Like Salt N Pepa showed us with their many hits ("Whatta Man" and "Push It" are personal favorites), fashion is better when you're working as a team. And I'm lucky enough to have a pretty slick set of stylish sister-friends...who are all modeling a different way to incorporate this season's latest trend for this post sponsored by ASOS!

(Yeah, I couldn't figure out how to alliterate "fringe" and "ASOS" and "fellow fab blogger chicks." Just go with it.)


The Rachel Ross | Dressed by Jess | Visions of Vogue | Stilettos & Sequins | Upbeat Soles | Me

ASOS generously let us each pick out our favorite fringed item (or two) and, I have to say, I'm pretty impressed by our variety. Everyone's picks really show off both their own personality AND the fact that fringe doesn't have to mean Western movies and twangs of "home, home on the range."


(Hopefully this look is a bit more reminiscent of Mumford & Sons-style hipsterdom than the costuming of The Lone Ranger...)

DSC_2635 DSC_2660 DSC_2705

One of the nice things about trends is how quickly they grow. With growth comes popularity and availability! We each had so many choices, so many directions in which we could take a fringed look, that none of us ended up choosing the same pieces to show off.

All of that is to say that just because something is "trending" doesn't mean you automatically look the same as everyone else wearing it. Look at all of us!


But, enough philosophizing -- back to the outfit.

These fringed gold-toned earrings dress up an otherwise relaxed look while blending in with the neutral theme, and the hat is an attempt to pretend that I am spunky enough to have gone to Coachella in my youth. The boots are my outfit go-to, and these jeans have allllll the right amounts of stretch.

I have to be honest, this poncho is real comfortable. I think it's a good thing I'm working in a law firm now (where I have to wear items more traditional than a large cape) or I would be sporting this softness every.damn.day.

You can bet your britches (and your boots, and your bolero) though that I'll be wearing it to the office on every casual Friday where I can get away with it... especially as the temperatures drop!


So, what do you think? How would you have styled this camel-casual piece?

----- poncho | New Look Fringe Poncho c/o ASOS denim | Rag & Bone (similar) boots | Rag & Bone Newbury boot hat | H&M felt panama hat (similar) earrings | Chain Drop earrings c/o ASOS shirt | GAP Pure Body clutch | Kate Spade (similar) belt | J.Crew (similar)

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