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Photo of the Week 1: Knitting at Home

Greetings, humans! Isn't there a show that began that way? The one with the cones? On the heads? I digress. I'm starting something new around here, folks. I have realized that with my current job responsibilities (read: more than 8 hours a day, actual cases solely under my purview, billable hours requirements and whatnot), and with just, life, my blogging has taken a back seat in the past few weeks. I know, I know - the number one thing every article about blogging says is to never, ever, apologize for going MIA.

So, I guess, I'm not apologizing then! Merely acknowledging. You may have heard, but that whole "work-life balance" schtick is something that people the working world over struggle with on a weekly, daily, hourly basis. I, too, have begun this struggle.

I've realized I can either:

  • work enough and sleep enough
  • work enough, knit a little, and sleep a little
  • work enough, knit not at all, read a little, and sleep enough
  • or work not enough, knit a little, and sleep an okay amount.

That last one isn't really an option, though, and none of those factors in any time for working out, socializing, or doing something besides working sleeping knitting or breathing. Huff.

So, here I am again! Trying something new to ensure that this blog doesn't go by the wayside while I'm working the rest out (it's something my favorite travel blogger, Alex Baackes of Alex in Wanderland, started, and I've loved following along with her adventures week by week.)

We're doing... Photo of the Week!

Simple, effective, and still including a dose of your favorite links from the interwebs selected by Yours Truly.

This week's ventures revolved mostly around knitting, cooking, and more knitting, as I've been obsessively watching Arrow on Netflix (a. that show is really really good, b. whats his face is very attractive, c. does anyone know where I can watch season 4?) and coming out of my holiday haze. Next week's photos will hopefully be more... varied.

Then again, maybe they won't be! This is a sampling of my actual week. With a little bit of photo editing.

Photo A.


I've started finding random quotes that apply to my life bizarrely well lately...

Photo B.


Knitting myself something cozy, finally.

Photo C.


I made chilaquiles (alright, the lazy version) Sunday morning on my stovetop.

Links of the Week

  • Do you prefer reading a book before the movie comes out? If so, then here are a few you need to get started on (I've only read 4 of these myself.)
  • This is from a few weeks ago, but I absolutely love the sentiment. I completely agree that your attitude affects your own happiness.
  • And, if the above article fails, you can just buy yourself a blingy reminder.
  • Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique? I'm not sure how it would work with billable hours, but I like the concept muchly.
  • Oh, also, I need this candle in my life. Like, stat.


So, which was your favorite photo? Toss a quick vote into the comments!


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