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Photo of the Week 2: Foggy Day Foods

Hey, that whole photo thing was fun while it lasted, right? *insert eyeroll emoji* I have to be honest, I love blogging. I love creating, I love styling, I love getting the photos just right, and I love seeing the reactions. It is, in fact, a bit of an ego boost mixed with a creative outlet wrapped in a side project.

But, alas, alack, it is not my fulltime job. So I'm trying my best to keep this space new and updated, but sometimes it will fall behind. Thems the breaks.

...And sometimes, the photos of the week are going to revolve around my home life. I'm not dead but I'm not hitting up a new spot each weekend like I used to. I've been thinking about that a lot lately, actually - I don't have to spend a ton of money to peruse the city a bit more and share some San Francisco-specific snaps. Would that be fun?

Just something I'm thinking about.

In the meantime, please enjoy these photos of food. And the links! Check out the fun weekly links below.

(I've missed y'all. It's good to be back.)

Photo A.

Untitled I have a Cheez-It problem, guys. I need Cheez-It rehab.

Photo B.


Even on a rainy day, I'll spring for the Gingersnap iced coffee. It's an easy way to pretend it's still wintertime!

Photo C.


I made amazing (if I do say so myself) chili a week or so ago per my mother's recipe. I threw in some of these gorgeous sweet peppers and it made allllll the difference.

Links of the Week

  • Did you love Buffy as dearly as I did in high school? (and college... and law school... and last year.) The show turns 19 this week and SMG herself shared a cute throwback snap to honor the moment.
  • A train that takes you to the Grand Canyon? Yes please! My wanderlust is calling.
  • I know this may be controversial, but I actually agree with a lot of Kim Kardashian's arguments in her response to nude-photo-gate this week.
  • Have you been watching House of Cards? I'm steadily making my way through Season 3 and am desperately avoiding Season 4 spoilers!
  • The newest beauty trend is one that is ages old - K Beauty is sweeping the nation (is it though?) and it turns out, it's just what most women in Korea have been doing for years! That is, they take skincare seriously from almost literally day 1 on this planet. I'd say we should all follow suit.

Pick a photo, any photo... which is your favorite this week?

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